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Project Concept


CLAPS - Community Living Association for Parents of Special citizens

Detailed Concept


A Campus is being established for the needs of Special Citizens and to take care of them throughout their life time.  A group of about 48 parents are joining together to create this facility. Intention is to make a safer place for living to the special citizens, without depending on any of their kith and kin in future. Parents will be the administrators of the entire setup . The setup shall take care of all the needs of such inmates (Special Citizens), even after the demise of their parents/Guardian, till the lifetime of such special citizens.

Our Advocates.

M/s P.B.Ramanujam Associates, Bhagirathi Street, T.Nagar are our advocates for this project, who are renowned in real estate related legal field.

They got involved in every bit of the concept paper and took part in hours of marathon discussions with our core group members. Land documents are vetted by the advocates and detailed report has been given to us, based on which we have proceeded with entering into purchase agreement for the land.

Our Auditors:

M/s Ramkumar Associates, Shakthi Towers, Anna Salai, Chennai -2 are our auditors for this project. Basic concept of this project is finalized with their review and registration of CLAPS property developers LLP.


The entire Campus will be divided into two zones.

  1. Residential Living zone for Special Citizens:

This will encompass  individual rooms, Common Kitchen, Common dining, play area, Vocational Centre, admin office, medical rooms, staff rooms, farming area. This portion, being the living area of special children, will be highly secured and monitored.

  1. Family Dwelling Units for parents:

A portion of the complex where residential Family Dwelling Units (FDU) are constructed, for the parents (or Guardian) to stay.


Three main entities are proposed,

  • A Limited Liability partnership firm (CLAPS Property Developers LLP) to facilitate land acquisition, getting plan approval and project implementation.
  • Parents Association (CLAPS) which will lay the by-laws for the member parents and to run the setup, once created.


  • There will be Individual beneficiary accounts (IBA) on the name of every special citizen.

CLAPS Property Developers LLP

With the sole purpose of acquiring the required land, plan and establish the project, a single entity was essential, as advised by our advocate, this CLAPS Property developers LLP is formed. This is registered with registrar of companies under registration no: AAM-1557 dated 02/03/2018.  Following special Parents are the partners in the LLP.

  1. Mr G.Gurumurthy
  2. Mr B.Sanjay Rao
  3. Mr T.N.Elangovan

This LLP will take care of all the assignments required to establish the project. After establishing the project and getting the UDS registered on the name of individual members, this entity would be wound up at a future date. Profit making is not the motto of this entity.

Accounts of this LLP company are being audited by our auditors and audited report will be shared, once audited.

Proper receipts will be issued by LLP to members for all their payments.

CLAPS (Community Living Association for Parents of Special Citizens)

 This is the association of the parents, who are going to occupy the CLAPS complex. By-laws & Memorandum of this association are approved by Joint registrar of Societies, Saidapet, Chennai. CLAPS is  now registered on 06/07/2018 as an association with Registration number : 291/2018

Once our complex is established, registered address of our association CLAPS will be changed to the new address.

IBA (Individual Beneficiary  Account):

There will be an IBA created in the name of every special citizen, who enters CLAPS, within one month period. Parents have to take the lead in registering the IBA for their wards.

Parents may deposit any amount as they save throughout their life time in this IBA. Money from this account will not be drawn until such a time, where the parents are able to pay to the trust for the upkeep of special citizen. This is a private Account where the Special citizen will be the sole beneficiary and along with Guardian (as nominated by the parents during their life time), Treasurer of CLAPS will also act as  monitor  &  to operate the account on need.

After the lifetime of the parents, money from this account will be withdrawn every month towards upkeep of the special citizen.

Any amount left over in the IBA after the demise of the Special Citizen will be automatically diverted to CLAPS, if no nomination was given by the parents to any one of the relatives / friends.


The identified land is located in the village Neiveli, Taluk Thiruvallur ,which is around 12 KMS away from Thiruvallur railway station (2.5 kms off Thiruvallur – Uthukottai road).

This land got registered on 27.09.2018 on the name of CLAPS Property Developers LLP. Area of the land is 8.26 acres.

After obtaining necessary approval from the government agencies, the entire land (Excluding OSR land, road as per government stipulations and excluding land allocated for farming) will be registered in the names of CLAPS members by splitting into UDS (Undivided share) proportionate to the size(Sq.Ft) of Family Dwelling unit (FDU). The land allocated for farming will be registered in the name of CLAPS Association directly.


The entire funding of the project will be met by the parents. Following is the broader division of funding methodology.

Stage –I :

Land purchase, Construction of compound wall, obtaining approval for the project and laying of main access road inside the compound.

Stage-II :

Construction of  Residential Living (RL) including Hostel, common amenities like all around roads, Buildings for common kitchen, common dining hall, Vocational centres, auditorium, cycling track, well digging, over head tanks, basic electric installations required for the complex.

Stage-III :

Construction of Family Dwelling Units. This will happen in batches as per the willingness shown by members. It is planned to have 2 variants in the FDUs. There will be 2 bedroom dwelling units in general (1000 SFT area), and anyone wish to have a 3 Bedroom dwelling (1200SFT area), it will also be considered. It is to be noted that the UDS of land also will be registered in proportion to the FDU size and payment has to be shared accordingly.

 Sale of Assets

  1. Anyone who wish to Sell their stake (UDS) and FDU at any point of time, may do so, but only to another special parent, who is eligible and willing to become a member of CLAPS, as per the by-laws of CLAPS, which forms basis for this project. Without getting NOC (No objection Certificate) from CLAPS, no registration shall be done for the assets inside the complex. If anyone is trying to bypass this aspect, it is not legally tenable and CLAPS will take legal action against such act. In the event of such a parent who has decided to sell but unable to bring a new family, the Association will identify a new family and help to close the deal.
  2. After the demise of both the parents, the UDS & FDU will be sold by CLAPS and the proceeds, after deducting necessary expenses in the process will be credited to IBA which shall be utilized for maintaining the remaining life of that Special Citizen, along with any other resource left by the parents. Further taking care of the Special citizen, until his/her lifetime is the responsibility of the CLAPS. Every CLAPS member has to write a will / settlement deed authorizing CLAPS to do this activity, once FDU construction is over, before physically occupying the complex.

Support Organization (SO):

One “Support Organization” (SO) will be brought inside CLAPS to take care of the routines, vocational trainings, Play and sports coordination for special citizens.

Following are the basic conditions for engaging a SO.

  • It must be a renowned professional organization doing service in the special children segment with a clear track record.
  • Choosing and engaging an organization for the role of SO is in the prerogative of CLAPS.
  • The contract period for SO is normally 5 years. However if CLAPS wish to replace a SO, it may do so by giving proper notice period within the contract period.
  • No limitation for any SO to continue / renew their contracts, as long as CLAPS is convinced about their continuance.
  • Even though SO does not own any property inside, nor essential to make financial contributions, SO is an integral and essential part of community living. A dedicated SO only can ensure success of a community living and they are the lamp posts for PWDs.
  • Enough infrastructural facilities for an effective functioning of SO shall be provided by CLAPS.

Responsibilities of an SO is as below:

  • Recruiting Care takers & Vocational trainers
  • Paying Salary to them.
  • Training and upgrading their skill profile.
  • Arranging suitable trained staff for Therapies depending upon the need of the Special Citizens.
  • Assessment and appropriate assigning of vocational activities and Therapy sessions for every Special Citizen.

Maintenance Cost.

The Association members will agree to contribute a monthly/quarterly payment to the association to meet the maintenance cost. Making profit will never be a motive in collecting money from members. There will be a mechanism arrived to fix the charges and to run the complex in a simplified manner.

Facilities / Amenities proposed inside CLAPS

  1. Common Kitchen
  2. Common Dining Hall
  3. Proper fire fighting facilities all through the campus.
  4. Recreational Garden
  5. Cycling Track
  6. Skating Rink
  7. CCTV covered security facility at appropriate places.
  8. Swimming pool / Hydro therapy
  9. DG Power back up
  10. Filtered drinking water
  11. Indoor games area
  12. Outdoor games area (Volley Ball / Shuttle Courts)
  13. Disabled friendly access to all the amenities / facilities
  14. Vocational Centre (For marketable items)
    1. Paper cup, plate making.
    2. Dhari for making floor mats
    3. Dry foods making
    4. Packing of pulses, grains for supplying to nearby shops.
    5. Gift article making
    6. Screen printing.
    7. Plastic bottles, containers, lids making.
    8. Screen printing for items manufactured under (7)
    9. Paintings making.
    10. Farming (Vegetables, Flowers etc..)
    11. Front office / Back office skill training.
    12. Any other facility needed which is workable
  15. Yoga / Meditation hall
  16. Conference halls for community programs (With AV facilities)
  17. Common Toilets at appropriate places throughout the complex.
  18. Medical Centre with basic facilities for First aid and to accommodate the visiting doctor for examination of inmates.
  19. A tie up with nearby reputed hospital will be made to ensure hassle free inpatient treatment.
  20. Vans /Buses to transport inmates to the nearby town / city.
  21. Farming area

Note:  The above facilities are intended to be provided and considered in our budgeting. However, this narration may not be taken as a firm commitment that all these facilities will be provided for sure.

Life after Parents Demise for Special Citizens:

After both the parents demise,

  1. The Special citizen will continue to stay in the Residential living till his / her lifetime.
  2. The FDU & UDS allotted to the parents will be sold to a new member, who shall have a special citizen as a son / daughter. The amount collected will be put into the IBA already created for the special citizen of the deceased parents.
  3. Adequate buffer space will be planned to take care of increasing of number of special citizens over a period, considering death of parents and entry of new families.

 “Special Medical Emergency Fund” (SMEF):

There will be a “Special Medical Emergency Fund” maintained separately  and it is funded by donations from the parents, well wishers and by the corporates. This fund will be used to support for critical illnesses for special citizens being encountered after the demise of both the parents. However on extraordinary circumstances, CLAPS trust may decide to support such need, even when any one the parents exist and if a written request is made by the surviving parent. This fund will be created within 6 months after first batch of families occupying the complex.

 Engaging the Special Citizens:

Engaging the Special citizens is a real challenge and engaging them positively is our important task.

There will be fixed routines assigned for every special citizen inside the campus.

  1. Morning Walk / Cycling
  2. Yoga
  3. Exercises
  4. Vocational skills training / engagement
  5. Involving in various day to day activities, with a clear defined and scheduled role in the happening inside CLAPS like
    1. Cooking team
    2. Serving team
    3. House keeping Team
    4. Front office team
    5. Farming team
  6. Recreational activities like Singing, Dancing, Acting etc.

Farming and Gardening:

It is proposed to have farming and gardening inside CLAPS complex, keeping in mind two objectives.

  1. Positively engaging parents and Special Citizens
  2. Being self sustained to a great extent in getting vegetables and pulses.
  3. To maintain a cow farm inside towards achieving self sufficiency in fulfilling the need of Milk products inside CLAPS.

Senior Citizen Home Services:

Since all the parents who are going to stay in CLAPS will be above 60 at a later date, all essential services to take care of senior citizen living will be established and ensured a safer living for senior citizens.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. I am a father of a special citizen. I am working in a company in Chennai and continuing in my job is essential for my family for few more years. Can we join in this project now itself (or) have we to wait till I retire / resign?

CLAPS reply: Yes. Your family may immediately join, as and when the project is getting operational. You may also continue to go for your job, if you feel that is essential to your family. That’s why we are trying to locate the land for this project within  a reasonable distance from Chennai, so that to commute daily for members like you. Only prerequisite to become member is either Father (or) Mother should stay in the community to take part in the CLAPS activities every day.

  1. I have a son who is a special citizen and I have one daughter who is leading her normal life. Our daughter loves her brother a lot and we are pretty sure that she would take care of him, after our lifetime. In such a scenario, joining in this project may not be required for parents like us. Are we correct?

CLAPS Reply: Bear with such a long reply. Very happy to hear your case. Almighty showered his blessings to your family. Siblings care and love is divine. However, every person is unique in this world and they have the right to live their life without any hassles. While you have taken care of your son from the day, he is born and grown as a child, as an adult and further. You had great hopes initially and put your best efforts all through. Being a parent of the child, you would have sacrificed so much of worldly pleasures during this period of your life, post your son’s birth. He will be an adult at a much elder stage, when you are going to leave the world and hand over the responsibility to your daughter. At that point of time, she would be handling her own family, husband, in laws along with taking care of her own life. This additional responsibility is definitely a burden to her entire life, however willing and loving woman she is towards her brother. This responsibility may definitely affect her personal life in various ways. Instead, if you be a part of such community living project, she may lead her life without bothering about her brother after you. Being a loving sister, she may often visit our complex and get to know about her brother. In fact, siblings like your daughter may become brand ambassadors of our project and they may support a lot in showing their love and care to all the inmates by visiting and spreading the love. Moreover, however best she gives care and support to your son after you, will be insufficient compared to the facilities and freedom he is going to enjoy in the community living village, which is one more valid reason for your family to become part of such projects.

  1. Will it be practically possible to live in a place away from city, as we all have lived within city and enjoyed the benefits being in a city like Chennai?

CLAPS reply: Yes. It is not only possible but enjoyable. As most of the parents will be above 50, when they occupy the complex, we may really enjoy the breeze, enjoy the greenery of a village, self sufficient in many ways. Being away from this concrete jungle is a blessing at such age. Moreover, being living as a community, we may buy anything from the nearby town / city, as we will have enough facilities to commute. We need not feel that we are sacrificing to live in a village atmosphere, rather we should thank our children for giving such an wonderful opportunity to enjoy village life.

  1. In what way, this project is better than a residential home being operated by other agencies, without really involving parents. After all, parents spent their major portion of their life managing their special citizens. Parents can relax their remaining life, if they leave their wards, in such an institution. Please clarify.

CLAPS reply: You are right in one way. If any parent leave their kid in any institution which is not managed by special parents, they have to pay the money at once (or) every month for upkeep of their ward and they may very well relax at their end. But this is an institution by such parents who feel that their presence is essential and love to lead a life keeping their children at an arm’s distance. It is simply redefining our family, making it inclusive of other parents and their children and really living as a community. This system is much better in taking care of our loved ones, even after our demise. Simple logic, rely on a system than on individuals. Also this setup is going to be administered always by a group of special parents, who are the best in taking care of the lives of special children.

  1. I am a special parent of 40 years old and my son is 12 years old. I have gone through the concept paper and I am fully convinced on this approach. However, I intend to invest now only for the land and infrastructure and planning to invest in FDU and join after 10 years from now. Is it acceptable?

CLAPS reply: Now, our committed membership have crossed 30 in numbers. Now, we are enrolling parents who are ready to pay all stage payments as per our annexure and join the FDUs immediately, once it is ready. We are not in a position to accommodate your request.