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Community Living Association for Parents of Special citizens

CLAPS – A solution for Parents with Special Children.

A Campus is being established for the needs of Special Citizens and to take care of them throughout their life time. A group of about 50 parents are joining together to create this facility. Intention is to make a safer place for living to the special citizens, without depending on any of their kith and kin in future. Parents will be the administrators of the entire setup . The setup shall take care of all the needs of such inmates (Special Citizens), even after the demise of their parents/Guardian, till the lifetime of such special citizens.


The entire Campus will be divided into two zones.

1) Residential Living zone for Special Citizens: This will encompass individual rooms, Common Kitchen, Common dining, play area, Vocational Centre, admin office, medical rooms, staff rooms. This portion, being the living area of special children, will be highly secured and monitored.

2) Family Dwelling Units for parents: A portion of the complex where residential Family Dwelling Units (FDU) are constructed, for the parents (or Guardian) to stay.