CLAPS – A solution for Parents with Special Children..”What After Us?


A Campus is being established for the needs of Special Citizens and to take care of them throughout their life time. A group of about 50 parents are joining together to create this facility. Intention is to make a safer place for living to the special citizens, without depending on any of their kith and kin in future. Parents will be the administrators of the entire setup . The setup shall take care of all the needs of such inmates (Special Citizens), even after the demise of their parents/Guardian, till the lifetime of such special citizens.


The entire Campus will be divided into two zones.
  1. Residential Living zone for Special Citizens: This will encompass individual rooms, Common Kitchen, Common dining, play area, Vocational Centre, admin office, medical rooms, staff rooms. This portion, being the living area of special children, will be highly secured and monitored.
  2. Family Dwelling Units for parents: A portion of the complex where residential Family Dwelling Units (FDU) are constructed, for the parents (or Guardian) to stay.

Community Living Association for Parents of Special citizens (CLAPS)

This is the association of the parents, who are going to occupy the CLAPS complex. By-laws & Memorandum of this association are approved by Joint registrar of Societies, Saidapet, Chennai.CLAPS is now registered on 13/07/2018 as association with Registration number :291/2018 Once our complex is established, registered address of our association CLAPS will be changed to the new address.

Facilities / Amenities proposed inside CLAPS

  • Common Kitchen
  • Common Dining Hall
  • Proper fire fighting facilities all through the campus.
  • Recreational Garden
  • Cycling Track
  • Skating Rink
  • CCTV covered security facility at appropriate places.
  • Swimming pool / Hydro therapy
  • DG Power back up
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Indoor games area
  • Outdoor games area (Volley Ball / Shuttle Courts)
  • Disabled friendly access to all the amenities / facilities
  • Vocational class room (For marketable items)
    • Paper cup, plate making.
    • Dhari for making floor mats
    • Dry foods making
    • Packing of pulses, grains for supplying to nearby shops.
    • Gift article making Screen printing.
    • Plastic bottles, containers, lids making.
    • Screen printing for items manufactured
    • Paintings making.
    • Farming (Vegetables, Flowers etc..)
    • Front office / Back office skill training.
    • Any other activity which is workable
  • Yoga / Meditation hall
  • Conference halls for community programs (With AV facilities)
  • Common Toilets at appropriate places throughout the complex.
  • Medical Centre with basic facilities for First aid and to accommodate the visiting doctor for examination of inmates.
  • A tie up with nearby reputed hospital will be made to ensure hassle free inpatient treatment.
  • Vans /Buses to transport inmates to the nearby town / city.
  • Farming area

Life after Parents Demise for Special Citizens:

After both the parents demise,
  1. The Special citizen will continue to stay in the Residential living till his / her lifetime.
  2. The FDU & UDS allotted to the parents will be sold to a new member, who shall have a special citizen as a son / daughter. The amount collected will be put into the IBA already created for the special citizen of the deceased parents.
  3. Adequate buffer space will be planned to take care of increasing of number of special citizens over a period, considering death of parents and entry of new families.

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