CLAPS – Indian Independence Day Celebrations (online) – Aug 15, 2020 – Contd..from Part 1

Continued from Part 1….

Next came the Fancy dress lineup (Icons from Southern Part of India) which was presented by our Sukanya mam. She mesmerized the line up with her voice over. We could literally see how well the lines went along with the picture posed by our kids. Kids rocked the lineup.

This is followed by the Fancy dress lineup (Icons from Northen Part of India) which was presented by our own Maneka Meshram mam. The lineup has unique ideas and very well executed models. We must acknowledge how encouraging Maneka mam was in making everyone participate in the lineup and made parents comfortable with executing even a small idea. She is really a treasure to all of us.

Maneka Mam also displayed fancy dress line up for CLAPS moms depicting Unity in Diversity of Mahan Bharat. Where moms dressed up From east to west and north to south styles of India.

Next came the Quiz for verbal kids by Rajangam sir and Govindh raj sir, no prizes for guessing here, every one of the kids breezed through the questions. They were well prepared and scored aces alone. The question was prepped upfront and was categorized under three topics: Nation, Covid19 and family. All the questions were crisp and clear and thus this quiz became a big success.

And the Final event is none other than Musical performance presented by our Latha mam and Vanaja mam. Here we should not fail to mention that Lata mam and vanaja mam took so much effort in grooming our kids and this was done not for this event alone. Their love and passion towards music and their belief in music therapeutic value is unending. They share songs and our kids automatically sing along with them… as if it’s magic. This event here displayed how much our kids liked music, either vocal or instrument and how beautifully they are expressing their minds and emotions.

The penultimate event was a vote of thanks by our Vaijayanthi mam and ended the celebration with the National anthem by Lata mam and vanaja mam.

Here a small write up about each child on how they expressed their thoughts and joy via activities in no particular order.

Our perfect Son Siddant is a little master from Delhi, his drawing was beautiful and colorful, he participated in non-verbal quiz where he identified mask and sanitizer, and he dressed himself as Bhagat Singh to show his courage and grit. We are expecting more promising performance from this enthusiast cyclist.

Our brainy son Srishant Rao drew the Covid19 drawing himself and painted it colorfully, beautiful colors. He dressed himself as swami Vivekananda, he has new fond ideas and thinking for this whole world just like swami Vivekananda and gave a beautiful thinker pose. Our skillful artist also rendered a subtle hum honge hindi song. Expecting more ideas from Srishant.

Our cutest lovable boy Abishek Manohar enjoyed his coloring, circling humans and expressed happiness while doing the same. He taught us the basic mantra of covid19 precaution, such as social distancing, hand washing, namaste only and mask. He was crowned as Chatrapati Shivaji with his vibrant dress and sword. He rendered the instrument to a Hindi song sung by Chandrasekar Rao sir with his perfect rhythmic score. We need more masterstrokes from our Abishek.

Our Bold Smart hero Abishek Rao is an expert in coloring and he gave the picture perfect drawing with his awesome skills. He identified covid19 essentials like Gloves, sanitizer and mask. He became our first prime minister Pandit Jawarlal Nehru and made our jaw drop with a very cute pose and a rose. He rendered the instrument to vande mataram sung by Shakthi Sivaraman. Wishing to see more and more roses from our Abhishek.

Our beloved son Arjun became Bal Ganga dhar Tilak and strikes a majestic pose, He definitely made a mark. He answered the quiz so fast and he went on describing symptoms of covid19 and even mentioned guru uncle and elango uncle. Arjun we want more and wish to see you more and more.

Our cute Daughter G. Varsha participated in non-verbal quiz, pointing at mother, father, mask and sanitizer. For fancy dress competition varsha has impersonated herself a special Olympics player (self) and displayed her medals. it’s an honor to be yourself during the fancy dress lineup. You are blessed varsha. We wish to see you often and make us awestruck with your accomplishments.

Our multi talented young star G. Sridhar drew the drawing himself and created a colorful drawing. He dressed up as a colorful vibrant amazing Kathakali dancer from the land of the God, Kerala. He was independent in the verbal quiz section and answered everything. He sang

Honge kamyab – Hindi song with his beautiful voice. We love and know how much you are a music lover. We wish to see more and more performances.

Our obedient and loving son Shakthi Sivaraman modeled himself as mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, a strong and bold person. He answered the verbal part independently, amazed by his clear cut answers and finished his talent display with his Vande mataram song sung with his majestic voice. We want to see more such bold and beautiful talent.

Our smartest and smallest boy master Rithvik was looking astounding in his Bhagat Singh costume. He struck us all with his majestic pose and mystic smile. Such a thrill is seeing the kutty. Wishing to see you often with your beautiful performances.

Our smart and stylish son Arvind Karthik drawings were neat, crisp and his coloring was beautiful. He identified the mask and sanitizer. He was stunning as Rajnikanth, stylish and breathtaking. Be stylish and Keep the style coming Arvind.

Our own bright and brilliant son Arvind Rajangam answered all his quiz questions independently and has a very vast knowledge about the current pandemic and even pointing to world statistics regarding the pandemic. He answered all three parts of the quiz. He sang his Chhodo Kal Ki baatein hindi song, well pronounced and a very impressive singing. Bravo and keep it coming Arvind. Well done.

Our son stylish Jayant drawing was beautiful with vibrant colors. He became Thiruppur Kumaran and was as energetic as the freedom fighter holding and waving the tricolor flag. His quiz participation was fully independent. He sang senthamizh nadu – tamil song along with rocking karaoke background rendered beautiful song and did fair justice. More and more performances to please us all jayant.

Our quiet but bold son Kavin Bharathy was our very first kid to color the drawings using a system for this competition. He struck us all with his mind boggling attempt as V.O.Chidambaranar with the same valor and strength as him. Want to see more flavor from our kavin and as we are awestruck with his display.

One of our youngest son Magizhan Bosco drew his own drawing and presented it with so many colors in his innovative idea. He dressed as Mahatma Gandhi which was stupendous, he made it picture perfect with his cotton spin and his swimming cap and goggles, innovate but effective for the costume. Kudos magizhan, longing to see more from this yoga enthusiastic.

Our daughter whose birthday aligns with our Independence Day is very special and she is our cute Gayathri. She did her drawing with minute details and filled it with colors. She identified mask and sanitizer for non-verbal quiz. She became the great mathematician Shakunthala Devi. She posed it with elegant costume and an incredible smile. We all love you Gayathri and wish to see more and more avatars of your talents.

Our daughter Aparna from the USA was super enthusiastic with her participation because Distance is just as far as we would think. She colored her drawing using vibrant and beautiful colors. She lived and enacted just like the badminton legend P.V.Sindhu. We loved her energy and we are sure as it will fill the whole CLAPS complex. Wishing to see your talents more often.

Our son Venkatramanan (Krishna) drawing was beautiful and colorful and he drew it himself. He lived and preached as Vallalar Ramalinga Adigal and said his mantra with the same thejas and peace as the saint. He answered all his quiz questions independently. As a music lover, with his sweet and beautiful voice he sang two songs Honge kamyab – Hindi and maithreem. More and More power to this saint like kid to display his talent all across.

Our son Abhiram who is a tour lover and world traveler presented his drawing and coloring in a beautiful way. He dressed himself as bhagat singh with grace. He answered the quiz questions about our country and himself. He rendered an Instrument to tamil song acham enbathu sung by our Alamelu mam, with his beautiful back score. Way to go Abhiram and wishing to see you often.

Our son T.C.Shriram presented his drawing crisp and neat. He embossed himself as the tamil lord murugan who is known to save anyone during their hardship. Our lord muruga has arrived and he will make everything possible. So happy and wishing to see more and more talents from shriram.

Our daughter Nicki presented herself with a staggering display as Rani Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai.

The warrior lady entrusted us with the sheer grit to face the world in this pandemic situation. She mesmerized us all with a beautiful saree and sword. Her quiz was a breeze with her stylish english. Wishing to see you often Nicki.

Our cute darling boy Vijai Shravan displayed his drawing with a colorful picture. He identified the mask and sanitizer. He became an astounding member of Dandi March, Salt Satyagraha. For the quiz he answered all the questions independently by writing. He displayed an awesome performance and wish to see more of his talents.

Our bold and beautiful son Krishna Sampath was presenting himself as a spectacular Bal Ganga dhar Tilak. He answered the entire quiz question like a pro and he expressed his interest and how much he misses his friends. Krishna with his bold voice sang “thayin manikodi tamil..” song with patriotic mood and good rendition. We know you are a great singer but this showed us how good you were in all areas. We wish to see you with more such performances.

Our son Balu sivaraman from Bangalore, colored his picture beautiful and subtle. He answered his question independently. He sang “aduvome palli paduvome..” tamil song followed his mom’s sweet and innovative singing about recent covid19 trend. Good job mom and son. Wanting more performances from you Balu to showcase your talents.

Our darling son Vafir Ahamed showed us all the importance of mask by wearing it properly during this pandemic situation for non-verbal quiz. We wish to see you often to showcase your talents.

Our smart son Prasaad’s incredible presence as A Commoner from the freedom movement from tamil Nadu was striking. He sung Ragupathi ragava raja ram song with his beautiful voice. We wish to see you express more such talents.

Our Silent and genius photographer Jayaram made his picture as colorful as possible with vibrant and striking color and he drew the picture himself. Wishing to see you often jayaram with your talents.

Our penultimate kutty Abinav dressed himself as tamil poet Subramnya Bharathi and gave us an impressive pose. Wishing to see you more often and express your talents.

We all here must recognize the effort and love each and every parent has put forward towards their child. We are sure that with this much love and affection our Community is going to be filled with fun and happiness as if each day is a festival.


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