CLAPS – Indian Independence Day Celebrations (online) – Aug 15, 2020 – Part 1

A very big CLAPS to our children for their enthusiasm in participation and breathtaking performances. No doubt that our children are highly talented. Children displayed an array of performances from drawing, fancy dress, music and quiz. Celebration is not only about how much the children are enjoying, as it’s also about the subtle challenge posed to them according to their level. Our Children are slowly opening up their talents to fill our Tiruvallur complex as evergreen flowers.

Unbelievable to note that we are having such a grandeur Independence Day celebration on a virtual platform itself, a very big congrats to the organizing committee. We can very well imagine the kind of celebrations we will have in Tiruvallur and with 100% participation from our children and parents it’s definitely going to be like a first day first show of a superstar movie.

Today’s program started off with a virtual Flag hoist and a wonderful and motivating speech by Sumathi Madam, VP of our community. Her Speech mentioned how a single idea will stay alive generation after generation even after the person who came up with the idea passed away.

We at CLAPS believe in the IDEA OF CLAPS and are very sure that our IDEA of “our kids staying independent and enjoying and living their lives to the fullest” will be held up high. CLAPS idea will be incarnated with the parents who will embrace the concept.

Then the colorful events lined up one after the other and kept us all glued to our seat and phone.

First, a display of beautiful and awesome drawings/coloring from our talented kids which was presented by our Anuradha mam. We here thank our Artist Chandrasekar sir for helping us with the drawings. She even displayed how the drawings were made and how much the child enjoyed during the process of creating such a masterpiece. We can very well see how much the child is keen in doing a project and can relate to the world events and new learning about the pandemic.

Pictures By Children1

Next is a non-verbal quiz by our Uma Bhaskar mam. She presented both photos and videos of the kids. This is unique and indigenous as we CLAPSians won’t leave any stone unturned. We want our Kids to be as much part as possible in the event. Hence, we had a quiz for our non-verbal kids where they point, show and pose with all the essentials that are needed to be learnt during these hard hours. Here the kids acted appropriately and no wonder everyone did their best.

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